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CENTROMATIC Industrial Control and Information Technology Engineering Ltd. was established in 2009 as successor of the Control Engineering Project of the Research Institute for Electric Power Co. Ltd. (VEIKI). Our predecessor organization ceased operation  in 2009, however the traditional fields of its work were taken over by small companies founded by the former employees. Our company is focused on the area of industrial process control.

In the past three decades the founders of our company were involved in all activities of VEIKI including electric power system management tasks both at national and local level. Our staff took part from the very beginning in the introduction and application of advanced technical tools, methods and procedures in the field of industrial control engineering.

From 2019 our company continues the activity as a two-person engineering office.



The activity of our company


The scope of our company’s activity extends to the area of preparing, developing and implementation of process control systems – both for electrical and caloric technologies – in power plants. Our work assures

operation of the controlled technological processes.
The business scope of our company covers the analysis, modelling and expert tasks of energy systems, and the development of software systems supporting energy trading as well.
Our company is committed to satisfy the requirements of its customers and to comply with the standards of operational safety and environmental protection. During our system integration activity we are responsible for the trouble-free operation of the entire system consisting of various sub-systems supplied by different vendors.
We always satisfy the demands of our customers providing high quality work with flexible attitude and applying modern, up-to date tools and equipment. Therefore, it is essential for us that our staff is open- minded and always has up-to-date technical knowledge.


Main areas of our activity



 Quality management



Our company is a qualified supplier of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. We introduced and got certified a quality management system by the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
We have certificate for security class "ABOS 3" of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.


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